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Free yourself from confusion and build a brand which is aligned to you & your future!

So I know some of these things below may apply to you! 👀 Maybe:

  • Your website makes you cringe and it doesn't really represent the true value that you deliver.

  • Your messaging lacks clarity in communicating the value of your offer.

  • Your stories are all over the place, or you don't know how to storytell at all.

  • Despite being qualified, you struggle with feeling like a beginner in your field.

  • You feel disconnected from your brand, and don't understand it anymore.

  • You cannot edit a reel or even want to do that to save your life!

  • You're facing challenges in crafting converting content that resonates with your ideal audience.

  • Thinking and doing everything under the sun, but are still not profitable


We do great at growing our biz until we dont. We get frustrated, & feel like we're constantly hitting a brick wall. 

Makes you want to quit right?

But I'm telling you, a turnaround is possible! In the Brand Boost Program, we'll build that brand you've been DREAMING of together!


The Brand Boost Program is a 1 on 1 done for you program for service providers needs content, clarity & recognition in their brand. Every month not only will you have a customized strategy that will clarify your messaging and positioning, but also a premium brand image, and content so that you can attract your ideal clients.

We All Have A Brand!

You are either branded by default or by design



Imagine If...

​You finally had an authentic brand that stands out in your industry and is memorable to your audience

You had a beautiful website that accurately conveys who you are and what you do. When people see it, they are compelled to reach out immediately.

You had more clarity on what truly matters to you in your business & how to help others.

You had a strategy for content creation that actually worked. You could post more, think less, and even enjoy the process.


Running a business is tough when you’re buried trying to master marketing on top of everything else. But inconsistent branding and DIY content that misses won’t earn you visibility or loyalty.


We're here to amplify your branding and create jaw-dropping content that spotlights exactly why clients should work with YOU.

What Do I Receive?

Done For You Content. Literally! Content at your fingertips!

30 Engaging Social Media Posts Per Month:

Imagine having the month of engaging custom social media content at your fingertips, all strategically designed to build trust and nurture relationships with your target audience.


We'll create compelling social media posts that work on 'know, like and trust'. From questions to inspirational quotes and actionable tips, these posts will keep your feed and audience engaged, which creates endless opportunities for you. The best part is, we'll actually post for you!

Brand Strategy

We'll look at your current website and social channels as part of a brand strategy engagement. We help translate your current traction into an intentional strategy for attracting more qualified leads by clearly communicating how you are uniquely positioned to move them closer to their goals. By breaking down what attracts, engages, and informs your current audience, we'll uncover insights we then use to refine your core messaging to focus on the biggest value drivers for the clients you most want to work with

Content Strategy

 We use that key information from brand strategy to to come up with social media posts, videos, articles and other content that perfectly fits your ideal customers. We create this tailored content for you each month. We figure out your best customers, create messages just for them, and make content that helpful and interesting so they buy and share more.

Website Optimization

Your website is your first handshake with potential clients. We're making that handshake firm and friendly, not awkward and sweaty. We'll ensure your website takes your customer through an experience, and professionally showcase your offerings.

Why The Brand Boost Program?

We have a team of experienced designers, strategists, and editors, who can create your branding assets (delivered on a monthly basis) so all you need to do is engage with people and handle inbound enquiries from people who know what you do, what it costs and want to talk to you about starting to work with you. 


Includes (as stated above):

Website Design & Optimization

Brand Strategy

Content Strategy


Client's Role:

Provide Your Own Content


Price: $1500 per month

No monthly commitment needed


Includes (as stated above):

Website Design & Optimization

Brand Strategy

Content Strategy

Professional Video Content


Our Role:

Full Content Creation with Our Photographer and Videographer



Price: $2500 per month

No monthly commitment needed

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Shamara, Life Coach

Joining the Brand Boost program was the best decision I made for my business. It provided me with a clarity to develop my brand story and establish a strong presence in the market. I experienced a significant boost in sales and a growing community of loyal customers. I am so happy with the outcomes and enthusiastically recommend the program to anyone looking to transform their brand and achieve tangible business growth!

Tory, Fitness Coach

Before joining the Brand Boost Mentorship program, I was struggling to define my brand's story and connect with my target audience. Kaala helped me gain clarity and as a result, I saw a significant increase in customer engagement and conversions. The mentorship program not only transformed my brand but allowed me to push myself to achieve real business growth. I'm posting more, showing up for my brand, and attracting people towards me. The atmosphere with working for her is so relaxing but yet so motivating. She really guides in the brand building process.

Lakira, Graphic Designer

Jzakaala's business coaching transformed my life and my business.  I was able to double my profits. She is an excellent coach, who actively listened to my concerns. I would highly recommend working with her. 

Our Done For You is really a ‘done with you’ process, because your opinion is sought at every step of the way.

You've been waiting for a miracle to happen and your business still isn't growing?

 You have enough on your plate, Maybe it's time for some help.


You may be anxiously looking forward to being able to expand, but are afraid of taking the first step. You see your competition moving forward and growing,  but you find yourself frozen in place. I'm going to tell you, It's better not to sit around and wait. Let's get moving!


With the Brand Boost Program, you'll finally have the tools needed to support your business growth.

"Sounds Like Just What I NEED!"

  • Why should I work with you?
    It's not about us, it's about you! We deeply care about our clients results as if they were my own. We want our clients to create a brand and life that feels good and is aligned with who they are. The energy we bring into these sessions and the tailored strategies you'll receive, will have you excited about the business you are building!
  • Who is this program for?
    The Brand Boost Program is specifically designed for service providers such as restaurant owners, chiropractors, tax professionals, beauty techs , just to name a few. This is for those who want to gain clarity in their brand strategy and create a lasting impression in their industry. This is for those who don't know how to position themselves in their industry, can't figure out what seperates them apart, or how to bring value to their audience. This is also for those who need ready to post professional content that feels aligned with what they do. It's for the ones who are hungry, eager, and ready to put in the work to have a successful brand. Not for people who are gone tomorrow, the dabblers, but for the people who REALLY want to make an impact.
  • How does it work?
    Once you decide that the Brand Boost Program is for you, you will fill out the application at the link provided. If you're application is approved, you will receive an email outlining what's in the program, a contract to sign, and the first payment will be due. You will also receive a scheduling link for our first creative strategy session where we'll have a collaborative planning session. It's important to be aware that for the done for you reels, you will need to send content in a timely manner in order to get your assets on time. Which we'll go over more during the call. From the start date of the creative session, you're content will be to you within 5 days, so you'll have content posts posted for the entire month. As far as your website, the first month that consists of website redesign will take a max of 2 weeks. After that, you'll receive 4 website edits or tasks per month under this program. You will also receive a scheduling link for our first session where we will schedule the other sessions based off of your ability, and kick it off from there. The zoom sessions are about 45- 90 minutes long, and every session will be recorded for your safe keeping.
  • How does payment work? Do you offer payment plans?
    The payment of the package you choose must be submitted at the start of each 30 day term. This allows our team to have your assets ready in a timely manner in the beginning of the month. Payment plan can be discussed.
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