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Empowering Entrepreneurs To Take Control Of Their Brand!

Sharing my knowledge and experience with others is something that brings me joy. There are so many challenges that entrepreneurs face when it comes to building their brand that is a reflection of the vision they have. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand these challenges, and have found my own ways to conquer them! I want them to believe that they can do it too! This is something that I will always share to the world. There is nothing like connecting with others to make sure that they succeed in their business as well. 


I'm Jzakaala Hamilton

Branding Expert with

10+ Years of Professional Experience.


  • I’m a branding expert that teaches entrepreneurs the important elements of branding and how to position themselves as experts in their field. My entire mission is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs clarify their branding. 

  • I strategically show them how to properly brand themselves and position themselves for success. 


I keep it real, educational & humorous and engaging. My goal is to unlock the attendees full potential. 

Post-event, audience members walk away with specific strategies to clarify their branding. In return, having them ready to take action, increasing their influence, confidence, and income.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business & Personal Branding

  • Marketing & Positioning

  • Starting A Business

  • How to Attract Premium Clients 

  • Graphic Design For Entrepreneurs

Types of Events

  • Retreats

  • Workshops

  • Speaker Panels

  • Conferences

  • Podcasts

  • Virtual Events

Past Speaking Events:


What They're Saying:

"Super knowledgable about what she does and is always dropping gems! Very engaging. She didn't leave us hanging, and provided us with the necessary materials to put what she was saying into action. "

“She lights up the room with her strategies and positive energy. The information she provides is not basic and very strategic. 

"She killed the branding class! I'm so excited to take the knowledge I've gained and apply it to my business."

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