Frequently asked questions

Can I change my order?

Please try to include everything you want when first placing the order. Once an order has been placed and started, It may be difficult to go back. This includes adding something as well. If you need to make a change please contact me ASAP.

What if I don't like my order?

I will try my VERY best to make sure you are satisfied. This is why it is important to be very specific on what you would like. You can also show inspiration in terms of images and ideas. I take pride in my work, and every thing will be of quality.

What things do I need to provide?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try your best to send me high quality professional images. This will enhance the design tremendously. Please also have all your verbiage clear. Please have it typed neatly and double checked. I am not responsible for any mistakes in grammar that you make.

What host do you use for websites?

I only use Wix to design websites. If you would like to talk further please contact me.