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The "So You Wanna Be A Design'a Design Academy" is a monthly membership for designers who are in the early years of their freelance or small business journey and are looking for mentorship to help them navigate all that comes with running a smooth & profitable design business.

Whether you are a graphic designer, web designer, or other type of creative professional who offers design as a service, this is for you!

So Why A Design Mentorship?

Over the years my design business has grown to six figures and has been very successful. I want to share my experience, as well as  give you all the tools, processes and design tips to better your design business.


As your mentor I will introduce you to many things such as easier systems,  a new way of thinking, and growth in your biz! I will be there to help you and answer your questions along the way.


You will walk away with new design techniques, skills, templates, resources, new peers, and not to mention confidence! You will also walk away with strategies that will help you ATTRACT design clients & not chase them!


So What Makes This Mentorship Different?

Well, One thing I've noticed is that many design coaches try to get you to design like them. One of the main things I believe in is to help you craft your own design style that's UNIQUE to your business

Here's What You Can Expect

How to use photoshop and adobe illustrator for client projects

Marketing your design business

Booking out and maintaining your calendar

How to price your offers and services

How to automate and streamline your process

The key to a great portfolio

Systems and processes that make designing a breeze

Design contract, proposals, and questionnaire must haves

Setting boundaries and expectations with clients

Diversifying your income with passive income products

Tough client situations

How to deal with imposter syndrome

& More!

How do I know if the Design Academy Mentorship  is right for me?

Are you a freelance designer or small business owner in the early years of your career journey?

Do you find yourself struggling to manage clients, pricing, and workflow? Are you looking for guidance and mentorship to help you build a successful and profitable design studio?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then The So You Want To Be A Design'a Design Academy is the right choice for you.

This mentorship is designed specifically to help designers like you navigate the challenges of starting and growing a successful design business. I've worked in the design industry for years, and know what it takes to build a thriving design studio. Together we'll help you avoid common pitfalls and make the most of your talents, so you can create a business that you can be proud of.


With this mentorship, you'll learn valuable skills such as client management, project management, marketing, pricing strategies, and much more. You'll also receive ongoing support, a community, and guidance to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.


Don't let the challenges of starting and growing a design business hold you back. Join The So You Wanna Be A Design'a Design Academy today and take the first step towards building a successful and profitable design studio.


I've worked with 100's of brands and scaled my design business to 6 figures. I want to show you how to do the same! 

Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 6.43.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 6.43.58 PM.png

What My Clients Are Saying

"Working with Jzakaala changed how I do business. She helped me build a brand, find new opportunities and make more money.."


Once you join the community you'll have access to:

  • Group Design Workshops & Masterclasses per month

  • Opportunity to Book One On One Calls

  • Co-Working Sessions

  • Design Resource Library (Guides, Proposals, Emails & Contract's I used to scale My Biz To 6 Figures

  • A Comfortable  Community Full Of Designers

So What's The Investment?

  • Monthly

    Every month
  • Best Value


    Every year
    Get 2 Month's Free!

*Subscriptions Renew Automatically Unless Cancelled

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